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Training needed to make civil servants more courteous

I REFER to “Officer’s rude behaviour spoils holiday” (The Star, Dec 22) and agree with the writer that the Cus­toms officer was downright rude for shouting repeatedly.

It would be bad enough if any frontline officer displayed ugly body language when angry, but shouting more than once is inexcusable.

The fact that his colleagues were not perturbed by his antics only goes to show that it was his normal behaviour.

The importance of courtesy and morality cannot be sidelined.

They are included as one of the five tenets of our national philosophy or Rukunegara.

People who are rude do not realise that they do not even respect themselves.

We should always respect others whether we think they deserve it or not.

A highly respected person is always courteous to everyone and they include young children, the elderly, weak, poor or illiterate, and also to those who may disagree.

Courtesy is lacking in many homes, and in work and public places.

It is now so common that many Malaysians are not longer startled by rude behaviour.

Studying or being lectured on spiritual values and proper conduct are just academic exercises with little application.

It would be more effective to conduct training workshops on courtesy where participants brainstorm on what they consider as being polite or rude, to raise their level of awareness.

YS CHANG, Kuala Lumpur The STAR Online Opinion Sunday December 30, 2012

Tags: courtesy, services, training

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