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Stop messing with our education system

MUCH has been said of the National Education Blueprint (NEB) recently released for inspection among the public.

The media have had their say, the parents and adults are having their say, the teachers are trying to have their say and the authorities are saying it all.

The Education Ministry has agreed to everything and sundry and tries to fit in all that is said and it is really becoming more than just a blueprint.

It is becoming a big book of an education system, which is unlikely to ever be implemented in all of the areas it has.

I am not belittling it — far from that — it is just that I have become so muddled with the whole Education Blueprint that I feel I just have had enough of it.

When the Primary Schools New Curriculum (KBSR) overtook the old system, I thought it was all wishful thinking — today, many parts of the KBSR have yet to be implemented, and many teachers if you ask them — even if they have been teaching the KBSR syllabus for years — would be at a loss as to actually what the system was all about.

I have been trained as a national school teacher and in the three years of teacher’s training, I have had the fortunate experience to being forced to teach English focusing on grammar, and then to communicative syllabus and then change the focus back again to grammar.


THEIR FUTURE IS IMPORTANT: I want practical solutions to the problems of educating our children — FILEpic

My coursemates, who are still teaching, 18 years later, have yet to be able to tell me if they are teaching communicative syllabus or grammar. Many still lack in their grammar, though.

Once again, I am not belittling, merely pointing out the facts of the education system.

I am a mother of school going children and all I want for them to have is a proper education, which would allow them to become decent intelligent human beings who would be able to make something of themselves and make something for others and contribute to the world.

I mean, is that too much to ask ?

If we had just stuck to the old system and bettered it, we would have had a better system.

Okay, so we do not have the old system.

Well, then if we had stuck to the KBSR, and just worked on that and bettering of teachers, maybe we would have a first world education.

The ministry did that for a while and then, they brought in Primary Schools Standard Curriculum (KSSR).

Now, with the NEB being dangled before us, I am amused and amazed that the authorities are planning to bring in a whole new system and the very people who will be carrying it out — teachers — are the last people having their say.

The problem now is that teachers are so muddled, parents are so confused and the authorities who designed it are just adding and adding on to the pages to please everyone.

I only want an education for my children to make full use of their capabilities — I want teachers who are qualified — not paper-qualified only — to teach my children. I want practical solutions to the problems the children face — like heavy school bags and better laboratories and sports facilities.

A practical solution to the non rational rules of the schools — such as having to wear white canvas shoes in a country where it rains daily and children come muddied and parents spend much time money throwing detergent away down the drain by scrubbing those shoes for fear the children will get scolded by teachers.

I do not speak for all parents, but I speak for those who agree with me — I do not want a blueprint — I want practical solutions to the problems of educating our children.

Our syllabus is good enough — just stick to one thing and just better it, please.

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