kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Creativity doesn't stop... there's no boundary to it!!

How would you like your final resting place to be?
She's Sexy before ...
She's Sexy before ...
The Scrabbler
The Scrabbler
The IT who died ...
The Towkey
The Towkey
The Rockers
He who died sadly ....
He who died sick ... yet no one want to believe 
Died 'cagiva'
He who died while "fingering"
The "pipe-man"who died plumbing
Killed by Godzilla ... to save our earth
The  Hero ... died on duty
Died fighting a giant fish
Died while golfing
Died a "pauper"
They who died together
Died as an athelete
The family who died together
Electrocuted  Deah
Died insanely but satisfied

"kanesh kanesh" <>




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