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Even families are drifting apart

I WAS not surprised to read Vinis-waran Kannan’s letter “True friends are hard to find” (The Star, Feb 8).

True friends are like gems, they are hard to find. But fair-weather friends are aplenty who are with you when times are good but will desert you when you are down and out.

Times are changing, people are busy with their own lives and hardly have time to interact with their friends since schooldays.

I notice too that not only are true friends difficult to find but even you tend to lose touch with your own flesh and blood after your parents are gone.

Parents, especially mothers, are like glue who keeps the family together as more often than not all the children will visit their parents during weekends to foster good bonding among family members.

Once the glue is not there, everybody seems to be preoccupied with their own families.

The only time you see them are during festive time, weddings or funerals and as you grow older, you tend to see them more during funerals rather than weddings.

Gone are the days when you kept in touch with your siblings, cousins, uncles and aunts by visiting them from time to time.

For the younger generation, their close “friends” are the smartphones, Facebook and the Internet where cyberspace rules without physically meeting face-to-face.

How sad, but true.

HAMDAN IBRAHIM Kuala Lumpur The STAR Online Opinion 12 February 2013

Tags: facebook, family, friends

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