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‘Educated' middle-class: A 'grave' problem on the roadside

THE article "The Ugly Malaysians" by Datuk Dr Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid (NST, Feb 15) is very apt to say the least.

Although the writer has succinctly covered many aspects of what constitute ugly that can be related to human behaviour, in respect of Malaysians, he pointed out the following:

"Ugly Malaysians are those with double standards in everything from personal to public actions."

In this respect one only has to see the rubbish that is been thrown about in residential areas inhabited by the urban "educated" middle class.

Not to mention dirty toilets. But now there seems to be another phenomena, the discarding of vehicles in public places.

One area which I can point out is around Damansara Kim in Petaling Jaya, which can be described as a "graveyard" for old vehicles.

On this stretch one can see a BMW, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Toyota van and Nissan cars left to rot.

On closer examination, all these vehicles bear expired road tax.

They are becoming a health hazard, in that rain water collects in various parts of the vehicle. Apart from this, a few vehicles are obstructing the roads. There are vehicles with deflated tyres and rusty bodies -- not a pleasant sight at all.

Surely, the owners should take the initiative not to leave their vehicles on public roads, with the registration number, but discard them in the appropriate places.

These vehicles still have their registration numbers on them and this reflects the audacity of the owners.

Here are the likes of the "tidak apa" attitude of the ugly Malaysians that is envisaged by Ibrahim.

The onus is now on a Petaling Jaya City Council enforcement team to pay a visit to these areas to see for themselves and take the appropriate action.

Abdul Mutalib Razak, Kuala Lumpur | New Straits Times Letters to the Editors 21/02/2013
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