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Let senior teachers teach

I WOULD like to share some thoughts regarding the recent upgrade of some DG44 teachers to DG48.

While I was initially happy with the upgrade, the new position saps me of my time and energy and most importantly the enthusiasm to teach.

Teaching being the core business of all teachers is no longer the same especially for a senior teacher like me.

Most of the programmes organised for the students do not only require planning but needs to be followed up with lengthy reports which is very taxing to teachers.

Precious time which should be utilised for marking and correcting students work is used for preparing these reports.

Most school heads feel that DG48 teachers should take on more responsibilities since they are being paid more. Coping with the workload is tiring and many of my peers are concerned that our students are deprived as we seem to be spending more time on other matters instead of focusing on our lessons and teaching.

The younger teachers are not doing much as the school authorities feel that since they earn less, they should not be burdened with additional tasks. As a result, the junior teachers are not exposed and are inexperienced when it comes to managing and planning school projects and events.

Being senior teachers, most of us are already in our late 40s and 50s and we would rather share our experience and knowledge with the younger teachers. We should be asked to mentor and nurture the younger teachers, instead of being burdened with the additional tasks.

TIRED TEACHER, Kuala Lumpur The STAR Online Education Sunday 03/03/2013

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