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Priority should be school’s overall safety

I HAVE two children studying in SMK Victoria, one of Kuala Lumpur’s top schools. Both children scored well in the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah and were enrolled in the school. They are proud to be in one of the oldest and prestigious institutions in the country and so am I.

About two years ago, the police came to the school because of gangsterism activities. A year later, four students were expelled from the school but one was allowed to return, following an appeal.

Last year, a decision was made to expel six students after they had beaten up school prefects, threatened younger students and argued with teachers and administrators.

Students in the school were then told to attend a pep talk held by the school and its former students. Almost all students were present for the talk except the school’s fifth formers who boycotted the event in a show of support for the expelled students.

The fifth formers had also put up posters in the school compound demanding to know who had reported the matter to the school authorities.

The affected victims and teachers had lodged police reports and all school procedures and guidelines were followed when school administration expelled the students.

The students’ parents then went to the district education office to appeal and had gone to the school accompanied by their lawyers.

We were told that the students deserved another chance.

This is unfair as the education authorities should have taken into consideration the plight of the victims, teachers and the other students in the school.

I hope the Education Ministry as well as the Federal Territory education department will look into the matter. Although I am the chairman of the parent-teacher association, I am writing this in my personal capacity as the father of two students in the school.

DR NIK ZAMRI MAJID Kuala Lumpur The STAR Online Education Sunday April 14, 2013
Tags: safety, schools

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