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Management Skills: Good bosses show the way

I AGREE with the points expressed in the letter "Sound leadership skills the criteria" by R. Murali Rajaratenam last Sunday, except for the last two.

There is never a situation where a group of employees knows what to do. Employees need to be told and explained what to do, and that is why they are called employees.

They are the executors of the task.

The bosses, on the other hand, knows what needs to be done and their ability lies in transferring the ideas and goals to the employees.

When a company gets into trouble or fails, it is always the fault of the boss, because he has failed to communicate with the employees.

Secondly, the saying that "people don't leave companies; they leave managers" is just that -- a saying.

The truth is that managers nearly always, and bosses quite often, are usually employees themselves, and so, they have the same needs and feel the same pressure as employees do.

The real power lies with the owner of the company.

If the owner is a poor boss and a poor manager who does not know the language and mathematics, then he will not be able to show employees what to do and the direction the company must take.

All statistics will prove that most employees leave a company for the same reason a marriage breaks down: financial instability.

Poorly paid employees will look for greener pastures at the earliest opportunity.

Thus, the best boss is the one who pays the best salary and the best employee is one who can manage his salary well.

Companies cannot go on raising the salary of their employees, forever, no matter how good they are.

And, so, employees must cooperate to ensure that their pay is administered according to a list of priorities.

Wayward employees who spend their entire salary in the first week of the month are a bane to themselves and to their company.

We assume that all managers and bosses know the basics of management, since it is unlikely that companies will hire executives without academic qualifications.

Having said that, the principal duty of managers is to ensure that their employees or workers have enough work to do at all times during working hours.

Idle employees are unhappy, and eventually, they become dangerous.

I recently serviced my car in a workshop where only one of the five employees was busy, while the other four were chatting and playing games or messaging on their cellular phones.

The waiting area at this service centre was filled with the smell of an unwashed toilet while the receptionist entertained herself with playing pranks on other employees, such as turning off the light in the toilet when one of her colleagues was using it.

And where was the manager?

He had to go somewhere for the day.

And not that it made any difference if he had been present because his leadership method is to join in the playful attitude of the employees.

I believe I got the best mechanic on hand and the job done on my car was proper.

Nonetheless, I felt cheated, and will probably never go there again.

Managers and bosses must ensure that their employees have sufficient amount of the work that they have been hired to do.

Bosses and managers who do not assign work for their employees destroy the company and, worse, they destroy the love of the job the employees had in when they started working.

Marisa Demori, Kuala Lumpur New Straits Times  Letters to the Editor June 16, 2013
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