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Graduates’ dilemma over late posting to schools

I WOULD like to refer to the report “New retirement age hits graduates” (The Star, July 11) and would like to share my opinion on the matter.

I am currently teaching in a secondary school and would like to thank Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan, for addressing the issue.

My colleagues and I have always wondered whether the increase of retirement age in the civil service, which was implemented a few years ago, was going to affect the posting of new teachers graduating from the universities.

Though, I truly agree that only the best ones should be posted as teachers, I would like to address the delay of Bachelor in Education graduates who had yet to get their posting.

I graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia in 2005 with a Bachelor of Management in Education with Business Administration.

Just like other new graduates, my friends and I waited anxiously.

I took the initiative to get a job while waiting for the posting.

It was very difficult for us as graduates with a Bachelor of Education to secure a job interview with the private companies.

I was shunned many times with the excuse: “You are an Education graduate. You will leave once you get your posting”.

I was fortunate to secure a job as a teacher at an international school in Ipoh following strong recommendation from a former teacher.

While working there, I continued applying for jobs and later took up the post as a lecturer at a private college in Penang.

The job was only offered to me after the college sought my assurance that I will not be there on a short duration.

By the time I received my posting letter to Johor, it was February 2007. I was lucky to get a job while waiting for my posting but many of my friends ended up working as kindergarten teachers or giving tuition.

Some were not offered jobs simply because the employers thought they could have failed their papers in university and therefore not worthy to be posted to schools.

Something has to be done to resolve this issue otherwise we will end up as a country with too many graduates who would not be able to obtain jobs that meet their qualifications.

Thus, it will not be a surprise to find graduates using their SPM or STPM certificates to get jobs at factories and fast-food outlets!

GRADUATE TEACHER Ipoh The STAR Online Opinion  Jul 13, 2013

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