kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Poor planning has led to teachers without jobs

I REFER to the article “New retirement age hits graduates” (The Star, July 11).

It is shocking to learn from the Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan that graduates from teachers education institutes (IPGs) have to look for other jobs while waiting for their posting.

This is like saying that a trained carpenter has to work as a car mechanic.

Furthermore, a trained teacher is unlikely to be employed by private companies as they might be overqualified.

Besides, private schools would be reluctant to employ trained teachers from IPGs as they will not be able to serve a long period because of their impending contracts with the government.

The Education Ministry should have better planning to offer employment to teachers who have completed their training instead of allowing them to face such a predicament .

Since these trained teachers have to wait for a long period before gaining employment, I suggest that the government look into their financial needs by providing them with a monthly allowance.

K. BALAKRISHNAN Ipoh The STAR Online Letters Opinion July 13, 2013

Tags: teachers

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