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Daylight Robbery: State price of water in menu

ORDERING a glass of water after a meal and relaxing with friends or family instead of having soft drinks is one way to save money.

Even better if one only orders a glass of water. But, what is the price to be charged for a glass of plain water?

It so happened that RM1.50 was the price charged for a glass of water, non-refillable, at an eatery which does not list it on its menu. That's like daylight robbery to customers as the national average charge for 1,000 litres of water is just 65 sen for domestic and RM1.32 for commercial consumers.

So, the price of between 80 sen and RM1.50 for a glass of water is unreasonable.

As the cost of doing business increases every year, it is understandable for an eatery to charge for a glass of water to cover electricity, labour and other costs.

However, they should not set the price at such an exorbitant figure as it leads to profiteering at the expense of the consumer.

Besides, the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011 has stated that any charge controlled services or goods shall display a list of prices to make it easier for the consumers.

Eateries that wish to charge for water should state clearly in the menu instead of including it in the bill which may cause an unpleasant situation.

Furthermore, we never know the quality of the water being served as it can come from any source, either through normal filtration, reverse osmosis or straight from the tap. Therefore, other than the price, the authorities should focus on the quality of water served.

We should voice out our views if we have been charged exorbitantly for a glass of water in eateries.

Do not forget that we have the right to know the source or quality of water served.

Jesslyn Pek Yen Lee, Forum Air Malaysia New Straits Times Letters to the Editor 18 July 2013

Tags: menu, robbery, water

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