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Appropriate Clothing: It should be moderate and practical

THE letter "Be sensible on the wearing of suit and tie" (NST, July 13) has indeed some points to ponder on how some people in the sweltering heat are dressed in a full suit, complete with coat and tie walking on our streets.

Odd as it may be, the onus to wear or not to wear a full suit should be left to the individual.

However, most government offices and private companies require their male staff to wear a tie and coat at the workplace.

Teachers and lecturers are compelled to wear ties by their head teachers and department officers.

Most schools have air conditioning in strategic locations like the principals' or head teachers' rooms, teachers' staff room and library. The classroom, on the other hand, do not have air conditioning and are, therefore, hot and unbearable in the morning and afternoon.

The fans do not provide much ventilation and classrooms with zinc roofs are like furnaces.

How is the male teacher expected to teach in the sweltering heat, made worse by the long-sleeved dress code?

Male teachers are told to dress up in long-sleeved shirts with ties and, if possible, with blazers or coats to portray a professional image.

At a time when we are trying to conserve energy, we should be practical and moderate in our dress code at our workplaces because the moment we leave the cool air conditioned room we are faced with the hot blistering heat.

A short-sleeved shirt that is tucked in for male teachers and officers is appropriate, smart, elegant and suited to our weather.

Samuel Yesuiah, Seremban, Negri Sembilan The New Straits Times Online Letters to the Editors 29/07/2013

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