kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Amazing Waves

This is amazing.  

Sun . glints off wave
Clark Little/SWNS

Sand . in surf
Clark Little/SWNS

Tubular . shining
Clark Little/SWNS

Beach . surf crashes down
Clark Little/SWNS

Molten . liquid gold
Clark Little/SWNS

White . tumultuous water

Splash . stunning shot
Clark Little/SWNS

Red . mysterious shot
Clark Little/SWNS

Break . wave crashes down
Clark Little/SWNS

The Sea-Through Sea Shell



These beautiful images of waves were taken by Clark Little whom many consider the premier photographer of surf.  He has dedicated his life to photographing waves and has published a selection of the best images of his career.  Below he captures magical moments "inside the tube", as surfers say.


"kanesh kanesh" <>



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