kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Need for teachers to deal with emotions

TIME and again, there are damaging utterances made by educators which sometimes causes a public uproar

Surely, those who make these remarks must know of the consequences.

Is it because of the daily pressure at our learning institutions? What needs to be done is not only to punish those who make such utterances, but to take serious preventive measures.

I hope our teacher training courses include subjects on managing and coping with emotions especially in a multiracial society like ours, and dealing with the daily stresses of life.

The Education Ministry must form a committee to study the reasons why incidences that incite tensions between school authorities and pupils and their parents, continue to happen.

Politicians if they intervene, should try to fix the problem, instead of exploiting an explosive situation, to gain political mileage.

In conjunction with the country’s 56th National Day celebrations, we must find ways to cement our differences and live in harmony.

Thomas Foo Subang Jaya Selangor The STAR Online Home News Education 1 September 2013

Tags: emotions, teachers

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