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There's life after 55 or even 60

ONCE upon a time, when you were 55 you officially retired from work. Today when you touch 55 or even 60, it just means life on a new platform.

Out of the challenging times and the changing culture, has emerged a different breed of seniors. I call them the experienced navigators of the seas, who have no qualms continuing in their quest for productivity and self-sufficiency.

Some are driven by monetary needs, others just the sheer pleasure of actualising dreams, they had kept aside in the name of family responsibilities.

Many are pushing on, pursuing tertiary education, finding new avenues of income and going out cultivating friends among like-minded people.

To gain respect, you have to be worthy of respect especially if age becomes a hindering factor to achieving whatever goals, you still have in mind.

Respect is no freebie. It does not come if you tell the world, you are tired, old and in perpetual need of handouts and/or sympathy.

Filial piety is a different matter altogether. Our children must be brought up to be filial, an age-old family virtue, which must be passed on to preserve the family unit and the marriage institution – the commandments of old –Thou shall honour thy father and mother.

But that does not mean, you should expect the world from your children and burden them overly.

It is a tough world out there. Be considerate and remain caring. Make yourself useful as it adds on to family harmony.

The world has become a borderless entity with the invasion of the Internet. We have moved into a digital cyber world and all of a sudden – knowledge is just a Google away.

Everything is a mere click, an e-service away. All can be done from home. Keeping up with new technology and the times is mandatory if you are a senior who wants to stay relevant.

Change is a daily occurrence – the old must improve. Keep pace and you will not be lost floundering, somewhere.

Retired is no longer the “die” word. It no longer means wither or “on the way out”.

In today’s vocabulary, it just means, moving on to a different platform and you have to keep moving, because the cost of living has shrunk your golden nest. The income source must continue for survival.

Your mind dictates. If you think you can, then you certainly can. If you think old and tired, then it will have that impact on you.

Research has proven that an active mind and physic do keep ageing at bay.

Eating right, exercising correctly keeps the limbs and bones strong.

Tests show that vitamin and health enhancers do work wonders at preserving health and energy. Educate yourself, get information from the correct sources for maximum benefit.

What then is stopping seniors from the many pursuits of living? Why should the experienced navigators be relics when they have so much to offer?

It is up to seniors themselves to work and bring positive changes for themselves, especially, those who still need a continued income source.

Silver and grey can be very becoming if you take pride in self quality and keep your health robust, if you refuse to be cowed by the perception of others and with courage find new platforms for yourselves.

Always be presentable, put on a touch of perfume ... make it pleasant for others to be in your company.

Always be ready for opportunities and strike hard when it comes. Get into the act with defined purpose and resourcefulness.

Believe it or not, you will find new meaning in life and be much happier.

Sometimes, seniors run faster, do better! Allow yourselves to do just that.

Marie Lee Klang The STAR Online Home News Opinion 10 September 2013

Tags: age, retirement

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