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Recruit only qualified English teachers

I REFER to the report “Multi-pronged approach to raise English proficiency” and Concern over quality of English teachers’ (The Star, Sept 12).

Under the Education Blueprint 2013-2025, the Government is taking a multi-pronged approach to improve English proficiency in schools which has sadly dropped for at least two generations.

The Government realises the damage done and the dire need to reinforce English by increasing the contact hours so that students can master it to progress in many fields of human endeavour to face the global competitive job market.

The blueprint spells out for every child to be proficient in Bahasa Malaysia and English Language besides encouraging them to learn an additional language.

Recently, Education Minister 11 Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh said about a third of English Language teachers in the country had been classified as “unfit” or “incapable” to teach the subject in schools.

What can be drawn here is that teachers who are not specialised in the English Language were made to teach.

Thus the recruitment must be tightened and only those with good results in the subject and who have the passion for teaching should be selected.

We must not meddle with the recruitment by having “square pegs in round holes” as the end result would be a disaster to the teaching-learning process in the classroom.

Efforts are been made to bring in master teachers from Commonwealth countries and American English training assistants to improve English proficiency and rehiring of retired English teachers.

It is only proper that the Govern­ment listens to the people who want the best for their children to enable them to compete globally.

It is our responsibility to provide our children the best, failing which they will forever be the bridesmaid in the larger context of the world economy.

C.Sathasivam Sitheravellu Seremban The STAR Online Home News Opinion 13 September 2013

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