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Auditor General's Report: We hardly hear of people being charged or sacked

READING the Auditor-General's Report, where public funds are lost through leakage, mismanagement and even corrupt practices, makes one wonder why our top civil servants have not learnt their lessons on past reports, where wastage of public funds had occurred (NST, Oct 2).

Year in and year out, we have been reading about how some government departments have not followed office procedures in the procurement of assets, which results in losses of taxpayers' money.

No one seems responsible for the colossal wastage, as we hardly hear of those responsible being sacked or charged for their negligence.

The public is shocked at the mismanagement of public funds, which could have been used to help the people, especially with the increasing cost of living and price of goods and services.

As usual, the top officials of the ministries concerned will be hauled up to explain the losses, but can the money lost be recovered? How can we ensure that it will not happen again?

Hamdan Ibrahim, Kuala Lumpur New Straits Times Opinion Letters-to-the-editor 03/10/2013

Tags: accountability, audit, auditor, integriti

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