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Auditor General's Report: It's no use if action isn't taken

AFTER reading the news on the 2012 Auditor-General's Report, I was disappointed and upset to learn that there was still a lack of accountability in the management of expenses by ministries, departments and agencies.

The government must stem the loss of taxpayers' money.

The auditor-general had, in previous reports, highlighted weaknesses and inadequacies in the government administration, including excesses on purchases of equipment, expenses for trips abroad by top officials and their entourage, which include spouses and family members in the guise of study trips, promotion of the country and business meetings.

One wonders what action has been taken by the government heads responsible for the running of the administration in response to the findings by the auditor-general.

It is the taxpayers' money that has been wasted or abused by those in authority.

They are the ones who are supposed to use the resources wisely and within the limits of good governance.

Clearly, there is criminality involved in some of the cases identified by the auditor-general.

It is pointless for the Auditor-General to file a report every year if affirmative action
is not taken to check mismanagement of funds.

Despite the past reports, one does wonder whether any of the persons responsible for such abuses of funds and excessive costs have been hauled up for disciplinary action.

It is like the proverbial saying that when one door is closed, another will open and, therefore, there are endless cases of mismanagement and negligence regarding the use of government funds and assets entrusted to the ministries and agencies.

It is pointless for the auditor-general to file his report every year if action is not taken to check the abuses.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission should not only do its part by investigating the cases highlighted in the Auditor-General's Report, but it must also focus on dealing with them.

There has to be accountability and those who are found guilty should be charged in court.

As taxpayers and citizens, we have every right to demand that the government take action to deal with the abuses identified in the report.

The government must not allow irresponsible or incompetent officials to continue managing the country's resources.

R.C., Kuala Lumpur  New Straits Times Opinion Letters to the Editor 03/10/2013
Tags: accountability, audit, integriti

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