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Auditor General's Report: Let's seek improvements in service

THE findings in the 2012 Auditor-General's Report are an important indicator for the people, and a potent tool for the government to assess weaknesses in its machinery and distribution channels, formulate counter measures and implement corrective action to steer the governance of the country back on track.

Kudos to the Barisan Nasional government for the report and we hope the government will ensure the findings are followed through and remedial action is taken immediately.

Politicians should be aware that what matters now is not how vocal they can criticise or sensationalise an issue, but rather how reliable they are in executing good governance, via sound medium- and long-term plans.

The focus must be on improvements. Have these preventive measures been taken? This would be a more constructive pursuit.

That is the whole point of the audit exercise, sanctioned by the government, to check and highlight shortcomings and flaws.

As important as the findings are, the follow-up and remedial action are equally, or perhaps, more crucial, since any flaws that are unchecked will render the whole exercise useless.

There must be follow-up reports on what punitive action were taken by the ministries and departments.

There should be closure on the questions and revelations, and those responsible for any impropriety must be punished accordingly.

As much as the people are upset with the mismanagement and manipulation of public funds, they must acknowledge that the government that was voted in is not there to be the target of dissatisfaction.

Those chosen to govern the country are there to ensure that these acts are highlighted, weeded out and a better outcome derived from the actions taken.

I hope to continue seeing improvements in the government; and perhaps it is not too much to wish for the opposition to learn a few things from its rival on the benefits of having a clear plan of action, and having the humility to admit to weaknesses and the courage to effect positive changes.

Sugiman Sabri, Alor Star, Kedah New Straits Times Opinion Letters-to-the-editor 04/10/2013

Tags: accountability, audit, auditor, integriti

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