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Auditor General's Report: Charge those responsible

EVERY year, the Auditor General’s report uncovers billions in taxpayers money going down the drain, due to criminal breach of trust. Mind you, these are not civil wrongdoings but clearly cases of criminal breach of trust.

I shudder at the thought that every year we are treated to the same by these civil servants with blatant lack of fear of reprisal or criminal action against them for approving purchases of scanners, clocks and planes at exorbitant prices.

Aren’t we ashamed that these civil servants, who criminally breach public trust, are shamelessly profiting from these so called “lapses” in management.

I believe in any developed democracy, the higher-ups, minister or the secretary -general, would have been terminated or if they had some sense of dignity resigned in shame or ended up in court for permitting such clear criminal breach of public trust.

The public is absolutely appalled and disgusted that no action is being taken to reprimand these officials.

Ops Cantas was implemented to clear our streets of gangsters and their cohorts but in our proud buildings of Putrajaya, such “crimes” are allowed to occur every year, without even a slap on the wrist.

The Education Ministry’s loss of RM2bil for security services at public schools in 2012, is just as criminal in nature.

Why is there no mention of the involvement by the MACC and isn’t there an ombudsman or watchdog committee to immediately institute a public inquiry into the losses and why are those responsible allowed to live in luxury after taking public funds.

I am ashamed that when I meet friends from overseas they joke about us being a poorly run country. (All it takes is for them to read the newspapers.)

It is criminal simply to let these acts occur, but to allow it to recur again and again, is outrageous.

These perpetrators must be taken to court for only imprisonment will deter others from repeating these acts.

The Home Ministry should be alarmed that firearms also went missing and must audit the way armouries are managed.

The Government must not just go through these reports and pay lip-service to it but action must be taken, otherwise the people will lose confidence in the Government.

This loss of public monies is a serious matter.

I would like to see the Government take a serious view of the AG’s findings and direct the MACC to commence investigations to apprehend and punish those responsible.

These civil servants have clearly tarnished the country and Government’s trust in them, and they have brought shame to all Malaysians.

I plead, do not allow such acts to go unpunished because if they are, our country will continue to suffer a lack of confidence from the investing public worldwide and such wanton acts will only add to the negative perception of our proud nation.

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED Kajang The STAR Online Home Opinion Letters 04/10/2013

Tags: accountability, audit, auditor, integriti

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