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Questionable passing marks

I REFER to the article by Leanne Goh “How low can you go ?” (Sunday Star, Oct 27) and would like to share some information I have gathered over my many years of teaching.

There are Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) students who never passed their Mathematics and got between 10 and 18 marks in their trial examination yet managed to pass the subject for PMR.

Then there are Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) students who never passed Additional Mathematics and managed to get only 12 marks for the SPM trial exam yet managed to pass the subject for SPM.

I was told by a trusted examiner that the passing marks for Maths for SPM a few years ago was 5%!

But if the students fail their Mathematics in SPM, it will be impossible for them to pursue their studies. Normal requirement will be a pass in Mathematics.

Thirty years ago, to get straight As is very rare. Now, the scenario is different. A school can have 50 over students with straight As for PMR.

Well, they say the younger generation is smarter. But I believe otherwise. An invisible policing may have a hand in the passing rate.

I even told my former students not to go to temples to get talisman because from their low marks in the trial exam, I can predict that they will pass the exam.

In the end, we will be creating a society of mediocre high-achievers.

Many may have forgotten that we once had a student who scored As in all subjects for the SPM but flunk her exam when she was sent abroad.

CONCERNED Kuala Lumpur The STAR Online Opinion Letters 29/10/2013
Tags: grades, marks

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