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The Origin: 'Allah' has different meanings depending on religions

After the Court of Appeal's verdict prohibiting the Christian newspaper Herald from using the word "Allah", there seems to be apprehension among some quarters, Sabah and Sarawak Christians, Sikhs and the opposition.

There would not have been any apprehension if one were to really understand the attributes of "Allah".

It is very simple -- He is the only One (no equal). He is self-sufficient (does not need anything or anyone). He does not beget any children, neither is He begotten (born to anyone).

Even in the Hindu scriptures, we find that "Allah" -- "Allo jiyeshtama paramam pooranam" (Allah is Complete, the whole universe belongs to Him alone).

In the Sikh scripture, Granth Sahib, "Allah" appears in about 20 places.

But in all these scriptures, "He is only One; He is self-sufficient; He begets not; and He is not begotten".

Sikhs believe in only One God, who is self-sufficient; who begets not, and who is not begotten.

But, the Christians' belief is that "the Father begot His son, Jesus; and, Jesus was the begotten son of the Father".

This is in total contradiction of the attributes of "Allah".

The Christians cannot use the word "Allah" to denote God, because of this belief in the Trinity.

Hence, the three appeal court judges have not misunderstood or erred in their verdict.

People with even a little knowledge of Christianity and the Bible, know well that the Christians would use the word "Allah" not in the same sense as Muslims and Sikhs use it.

Christians would be referring it to Jesus, whom they regard as God also, and who was begotten by Mary.

It appears that Christians in this country intend to confuse the unsuspecting, ignorant Muslims, to make them think "Allah" in Christianity and Allah in Islam is the same; and so, there is no harm in following the Bible.

Why should Christians want to use the Arabic word "Allah" in the Malay translation of their Bible, and their paper?

Why not use the Malay words "Tuhan" or "Bapa", Malay translations of the words "Lord" and "Father", which are used in the English language Bible?

Dr Mohamed Amir bin Meera Hussain, Perak Islamic Information Centre New Straits Times New Straits Times Opinion Letters-to-the-editor 06/11/2013

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