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Another plea to scrap school-based assessment system

THE National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) has urged the Education ministry to abolish the school-based assessment (PBS or Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah) system for studentss which it claims is a burden for the 400,000 teachers in the country.

The union is also is not in favour of the E-Performance (E-Prestasi) system that evaluates teachers as it “has many weaknesses”, said its president Hashim Adnan.

Both the systems were introduced as part of the the ministry’s transformation programme.

Hashim said that the school-based system introduced in 2011 was plagued with problems whenever they wanted to upload the results of students’ assessments.

This had added on to the workload that teachers were already encumbered with.

The performance of the teachers were also evaluated through the system, he added.

Many teachers had been working until the early hours of the morning entering data so that they are gauged and given “good marks”, he said.

Hashim likened the school-based system to an impressive new vehicle which the driver could not move because it had no tyres.

He added that the weaknesses in the system had been raised several times with the Education Ministry but they have yet to be resolved.

The union, he said was not in favour of the E-Performance system to evaluate teachers’ performance as there were areas that were “still unclear”.

“School heads are not keen as they would be faulted if they fail to submit their reports to the ministry,” he added. — Bernama

The STAR Online Home News Education 17/11/2013

Tags: assessment, nutp, pbs, sba

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