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No short cut in life

CHEATING occurs everywhere.

I suppose for some, it is the way in life to get to the top and survive this constant and intense competition among fellow humans who always yearn to be the best of the best.

I’ve always told myself that I would never cheat. However, when the actual opportunity arises, it is hard to resist the temptation to cheat.

In a recent exam, a friend who had access to the exam questions offered to send me some “classified information”.

It turned out to be the actual questions to a Mathematics exam which I had to sit for.

I contemplated seeing the questions but finally came to a decision. I declined, explaining to my friend that it just did not feel right.

Actually, I declined because I believe that God is the one who ultimately decides who triumphs in accomplishments and who doesn’t. Secondly, I knew that if I took a peek at the questions, it would be unfair to my friends who had worked hard to ace the exam.

Thirdly, it was morally wrong and I knew I would feel like a scoundrel. If I did cheat, it would be an indelible shame etched in my memory for life.

Seeing the questions beforehand would not enable me to learn.

As Alexander Graham Bell once said: “The education of the mind is after all, not a mere question of remembering facts which someone gives us. A mind that does not reason is comparatively useless.”

Of course, right before the exam, I became anxious. I was afraid that the questions in the Mathematics exam might be too difficult for me to solve.

However, after sitting for the paper, I felt really good. It was a tough paper but I was glad I managed to answer all of the questions which I normally could not.

It was an achievement for me and now, I know that with enough determination, effort and perseverance, I am able to solve hard Maths problems.

Sitting for the exam has boosted my confidence and I feel ready to sit for the other papers too.

As the saying goes, “There is no short cut when you want to succeed in life”.

It takes a lot of persistence, focus and a resolute approach to accomplish the results you aim for.

Even though those who looked at the questions prior to the exam managed to ace in this exam, when it comes to the real world, there is no way they can cheat there.

Somewhere in their lifelong journey, they will have to cease cheating and start mustering their strength and determination to succeed the real, hard way.

Vanessa Malacca The STAR Online Home News Education 01/12/2013

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