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Restore credibility of public exams

PUBLIC examination leaks have become a common and embarrassing trend in our country.

There are reports of leaks in public exams but we do not see or hear of action being taken against the culprits.

If the Education Ministry, especially the Examinations Syndicate, is serious about ensuring the validity and reliability of our exam papers, they have to take every single report on leaks by individuals seriously and investigate them.

If this is not done, the problem of leaks will be an ongoing disaster that will not only mar the credibility of the exam papers but also tarnish the image of the ministry.

In the past, “evidence” has been produced that led to the truth of leaks in exam papers but have been brushed aside as rumours.

However, this year, the complainant was bold enough to go to the press and that has made all the difference.

Even if the proof provided comprises only a fraction of the actual paper, investigations must be carried out and action must be taken.

It will then serve as a discouraging factor to others who intend to do the same in the future.

Exam leaks have far-reaching consequences. It is unfair to students who have slogged day and night for years to ensure they obtain excellent grades.

It also defeats all the genuine effort put in by teachers to ensure their students shine based on hard work and determination.

Parents who sacrifice their precious time coaching their children, motivating them and spending money on tuition classes will also end up demoralised.

How do we get the culprits? The trend is simple and straightforward; there are reports of students getting leaked questions from seminars.

These seminars are held just before the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah, Penilaian Menengah Rendah and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia exams and some of the organisers charge exorbitant fees for the seminars.

Some of the advertisements for the seminars are done through the newspapers, on the Internet and even aired over the radio.

Do the Education Ministry officers check on the seminar organisers? Do they know what questions are discussed and what is revealed during the seminars?

Exam leaks, as simple as they may seem, have detrimental effects to a progressing country like Malaysia.

We hope the ministry will consider having a watchdog to ensure the confidentiality of public exams. For now, the trust is lost and they must work to regain it.

GB Seremban The STAR Online Home News Education 01/12/2013

Tags: credibility, exam, leak, lpm, moe

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