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The lure of schooling on foreign soil

NOW that you know you want to study abroad, how do you decide where exactly to go?

We at StarEducate managed to speak to students on the factors that make them select a particular country as their study destination Finland

Touted to have one of the best education systems in the world, students who come to its shores will not have to worry about tuition fees as education is free up to tertiary level. Students who come to its shores to study at its tertiary institutions need not have to worry about the cost factor as there is no tuition fee, says Giam Yee Feng from the country’s Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) . Other factors that drew the media student to the varsity was its course content and its location.


The Land Down Under has plenty of kangaroos and students from around the world.

Students favour the country because of its location - it’s much closer to home - and the university’s ranking says Gunjan Malekar from RMIT University in Melbourne.

Indonesian Yohana Rexana, who is also from RMIT, likes the fact that the institution has a good reputation.

United States of America

Almost everyone harbours a dream of making it big in this nation dubbed the “The Land Of Opportunity”.

For Design Institute of San Diego student Christle Clare Silva Tan, it has been the desire to build a career in the United States, not to mention the presence of family that took her across the Pacific ocean.

United Kingdom

Big Ben, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Football may be big attractions but for Shaun Jonathan Krishna his decision to pursue higher studies in the UK was the field and the ranking of the university he chose.

As for Rachel Wong Jia Xuan, it is the “high standards of teaching recognised worldwide” that has drawn her to the country. She’s also impressed and happy to be in London – a melting pot of diverse cultures.


While the Eiffel Tower’s imposing presence is synonymous with France, its role and and connection in the cosmetic industry is undisputed.

It is for this reason that Jonathan Wung decided to pursue his studies in the country.

Wung’s other reasons — to learn French and immerse himself in a new culture and lifestyle.

The STAR Online Home News Education 08/12/2013

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