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The Great Love

The Great Love ~  A Teacher, A Hooker, A Mistress, A Saviour .... A What .. ? written by a "hooker" .

"Each prostitution, can help one schooless child; become a mistress once, can rescue a hopeless primary school...'

Each prostitution, can help one schooless child; become a mistress once, can rescue a hopeless primary school... Don't laugh, after you read, u won't laugh.

After I read this story, I speakless. I don't know what to say, is it society's fault, or else?

Xia die, she was a hooker, or she was a teacher.. She is the most honourable teacher in China . She use her dirty body, wash thru children's heart.  hooker's death, all children cried and attend her funeral, a school drop the national flag for her.

In the funeral of this 21yo pretty teacher, headmaster read Xia's diary sadly in front of all the students, she written : 'Each prostitution, can help one schooless child; become a mistress once, can rescue a hopeless primary school.'....
Xia lived in a small village of province of Gan Shu . All ladies in this small village, no matter she is pretty or not, went to Southern part of city to earn money. Every spring time, they will come back with money and beautiful cloths. Xia didn't follow after she finished her secondary school. A lot of people don't understand what is she thinking of as she has the pretty face and body. And because of this, her father always scold her.

When she heard of the  only primary school in the village needs some teachers, she volunteerly ask to become a free teacher. She is a very good student in her secondary school and because of this, she easily pass thru all the test and became the teacher of the school.

The 1st time when Xia walk into the classroom, all children shock to see a pretty teacher. From then on, the classroom always fill with children's laughter. Classroom -- should call it a hut instead as the wall is made of sticks and cover with leaves as its ceiling. A big stone become their table and the most expensive should be the polished dark-green stone as their blackboard. With this condition, Xia taught thousands of Chinese words and knowledge to her students.


There was wild rain destroy the classroom of the school and all students become schoolless.. The headmaster visit the province's education minister for some money to repair the classroom and come back with nothing. Headmaster told Xia that the minister said only will give money if Xia ask for it. Xia never meet any minister before and afraid that she will make the things worst and decided to visit the minister. She walked more than 10km to the province ministry office and sit in a beautiful office in front of the minister. Minister's eyes looks hungry and point to a room and said to Xia. Your money is in the room, if you want, follow me. Xia saw a big bed in the room and is the bed that she lost her virgin. Minister raped her..

Her virgin blood drop on the bedsheet and is more reddish than the color of the national flag in the room.

Xia didn't cry, all she is thinking of is the eyes of all disappointed students that have no classroom.

She didn't tell anyone about the rape after she went home.

The next day,  with the money that brought back by Xia, all villagers bought some woods and repair the classroom. But whenever there was a heavy rain, the classroom still cannot be used. Xia always tell the students that province ministry department will built a good school for them. In the past half year, headmaster had visited the ministers more than 100 times and never ever get any money from them. He is the only 1 knows what did Xia did and he can do nothing about it. New semester comes, a lot of students cannot pay their fees and become schoolless and follow their parents to work. Xia sad about that.

When Xia feel that her hope of all students can go to school become hopeless, she drop all her cloths and swear to her naked body that she will use this body to exchange for the children to be able to go to school. She knows that all ladies in the village are working as a prostitute to earn the living and she knows this is a shortcut for her to earn money. She washed herself and say goodbye to headmaster, father, and school. She tight her hair as 2 ponytails and walk to the city. When she leave, her father smile and headmaster cry....

In the colorful city, Xia is not happy at all, in her mind, there are only broken classroom and sadness and disappointed eyes of students. She walked into a Hair-Saloon, lay down on a dirty bed, and accept her 2nd dirty business. In that night, in her diary, she wrote : 'Minister can't even compare to her 1st customer. At least they pay.'

She sends all her earnings except those for her to live on to headmaster. Headmaster follows her instruction to use the money on the school. People ask about the source of the money and headmaster only answer that it was from some donation of society.

After a while, people knows about the source of money is from the teacher and many reporters would like to interview her and she just refused and the reason is that she is just a prostituet.

With the money, the school changed. First month, there is a new blackboard.. 2nd month, a wooden table and chair. 3rd month, all children has their own books. 4th month, all children has a red tie. 5th month, no children go to school bare leg.

On the 6th month,  Xia come back. All students welcome her happily and say 'Teacher is so beautiful'... With all student's smiling face, Xia cries.. how many tear drops and how many sadness in the past 6 months... she feels worthy when she see all these.


After few days at home, she goes back to city.

7th month, built a ball park, 8th month, basketball, 9th month, all students has their new pencils. 10th month, the school has their own national flag, students raise the national flags daily. 11th month, a land-developer refuse to use condom and Xia pregnant. After abortion, she become the developer's mistress. After a few months, the developers dump her because he faced problem on land-value drop in ShengXhen, he didn't pay her 1 cent.


Xia feel tired, she think of go home and go back to the school, but she has yet to fulfill student's dream which are building a concrete classroom and 2 PCs for the students. Because of these, she went back to beg the developer and the developer just refuse to pay anything but only introduce a foreigner to her. Said the foreigner will pay her 3000rmb for 1 night. Think of the wild rain happen few days ago, she tiredly goes to the foreigner's hotel. She sweared that she will go back to her home and school after this.

She killed by the 3 foreigner because of raping. She just turned 21yo.

Xia died without fulfill her final wish which to build a concrete classroom and 2 PCs.  

A hooker dies, silently, the sky of ShengZhen is still as blue as before, ministers still happily sitting in their office, many expensive cars still running on street, people happily discussing share market, house market value, car value, and movies, music and love story. Youngster try to suicide because of small matters happen between themselves.

At this time, students, teachers and few hundreds of villagers attending the funeral in this small village 'GanShu'

In the funeral, people see a black and white photo of Xia. In the photo, she has 2 pony tails and happily smile. Headmaster open the diary of Xia and read in front of all students, she wrote : ' Each prostitution, can help one schooless child; become a mistress once, can rescue a hopeless primary school...'

The national flag drop to its half.... May be, this is the ONLY national flag drop half because of a GREAT hooker in China 's history.

After I read this, I cried for 2 hours. From now on, I won't discriminate any hooker, because among them there is a Xia. Hope you will forward this mail to all forum, friends, webspaces, to let all our governments to understand when they are saying and empty-promissing, when they are drinking in the pub, when they are doing dirty politics, Someone using her own power to change the world. Xia is using her sadly eye to look at all of us. Although she is just a hooker, she is more clean and saint than any of us. In this cold and dirty society, what she gave to the students are human's 'Great Love'.

Xia leaves the world with wishes, can't we continue her jobs of bringing more hope to the poors? If we can, why dun we share our love, our capable to these children in the third world or support those who try to be Xia in our country? Share our love to PRC, support them more.. we can be saint ourselves.


via "Shida Rahman" <>

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