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7 life lessons from Snow White

Snow White's the fairytale beauty that's into apples and has never had a  tan. She and her seven friends will be portrayed on stage at Sunway Lagoon’s amphitheatre until Jan 1.

Directed by West End veteran Chris Colby , it's called  Snow White The Seven Dwarfs the Musical.

Here are a few things you can learn from this endearing fairytale about the snowy white maiden and a wicked queen who poisoned her with an apple.

Why is All Snow White actor's a beauty
..... auuwhhh !

My Taste .... Auuwwwhh !
1. Being white doesn’t solve all your problems.
Even if you're as white as snow. You're going to run into evil witches.

2. Not all apples are good for you.
Snow White should have been more mindful about what she eats and so should you.
3. You cannot trust a stranger as he could be a wicked queen in disguise.
You shouldn’t talk to a stranger. Period.

4. You can trust short people, though.
Snow White had seven great friends who could have been mistaken for fire hydrants - the dwarfs.

5. Enjoy work.
The dwarfs sang a happy tune about their work. Heigh Ho!

6. Love wins over the grumpiest person.
The dwarf called Grumpy eventually warmed to Snow White.

7. Vanity kills and so does envy.
The wicked queen envied Snow White’s looks. This eventually killed her.

The STAR Metro Online Broadcast Entertaiment 18/12/2013
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