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December is for weddings

POPULAR TIME: The long school holiday is one reason

MARRIAGE is a bond that unites a woman and a man. It is the most intimate, sacred, precious and romantic event in our lives.

Getting married is the next step after falling in love.

It can also be considered embarking on a journey of discovery.

It is about discovering all aspects about your spouse which you did not know before this, his or her weaknesses, bad habits, etc, and learning to accept each other, regardless of the circumstances.

Some people feel that marriage is a gamble while some feel that marriage is a powerful institution.

Mohd Muslim Mohd Zuki, 20, carrying his bride, Sauba Osman, 18, to
a boat across a flooded section to attend his wedding reception in Rantau Panjang recently.

Pic by Jauhariatul Akmal Johar

You can have many definitions, but one thing for sure is that to make a marriage work, there should be love, tolerance, communication, respect and trust between these two people.

No marriage is free of conflict. What enables a couple to endure this is how they handle the situation and manage the problems that inevitably arise.

There is no such thing as a marriage made in heaven. It takes a lot of sacrifices, responsibilities and understanding for a successful marriage.

Before a marriage is solemnised, there are some stressful and anxious moments couples need to go through.

There is all that planning involved in a wedding.

This can be a daunting task as it involves a lot of preparations, such as reserving the date and venue, drawing up the guest list, hiring the caterer, deciding on the menu, picking on the wedding dress and so on.

Deciding on the perfect date to get married can also be mind-boggling. Everyone wants the perfect date, hoping it will bring a lot of luck.

Normally, people are fascinated with the dates that are easy to remember. Couples are fascinated by dates such as 10.10.10, 11.11.11, 12.12.12. And this year it was 11.12.13.

December is always a popular month to have weddings and it is packed with marriage invitations. This is because of the school holidays and the fact that people normally take longer leave at the end of the year.

However, a December wedding is challenging as it is the monsoon season. Many states in Peninsular Malaysia are prone to flooding during this time.

On Dec 6, Mohd Muslim Mohd Zuki, 20, was forced to leave his house, which was flooded, by boat with a group of 30 for his wedding reception. They were given a lift in a fire engine to the bride's place.

Reserving a venue is also difficult as popular venues get booked two years in advance.

Dewan Perdana Felda, Dewan Felda Merak Kayangan, the Sime Darby Convention Centre, the Setia Alam Convention Centre and the Shah Alam Convention Centre are among the popular venues for weddings in the Klang Valley.

Community halls are also often booked for weddings.

Some people prefer to have their wedding reception at home to cut costs. Hotel ballrooms are also chosen, but the cost can be steep.

This December was a memorable one for my colleague, Associate Professor Dr Ismie Roha Mohamed Jais. She tied the knot on the special day, 11.12.13, and had the reception on 14.12.13, which was also special in a way for her. Number 14 denoted their 14 years of engagement.

Wan Norliza Wan Mustapha New Straits Online Opinion Columnist 17/12/2013
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