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Softening the impact of toll hikes

IT has been reported that the Government is studying ways to lower hikes for tolls for peak hours and season pass holders.

Toll highways are meant to provide free-flowing and hassle-free travel in return for paying a toll.

However, most of our toll roads are so congested that one has to queue to pay toll and then queue again in choker-block traffic after the tollgates.

It is only fair that toll collection be suspended when the traffic is not free-flowing and resume only after the jam has been cleared.

This will be the just and fair proposal.

If the concessionaires are penalised this way they will definitely and earnestly expend funds to improve the situation and eliminate queueing.

The current situation of collecting toll irrespective of traffic condition do not penalise the concessionaires and allow them to ignore the plight of the toll-payers.

The other principle of collecting toll is to allow the concessionaire to recoup their capital and make a fair business profit.

Once the capital expenditure is recouped, the toll should be removed as is the practice in developed countries worldwide.

Our concessionaires of most of our tolled highways have not only recouped their capital expen-diture many times over, but have been milking the public and making exorbitant profits year in, year out.

All the public is asking for is fair play and as such where the capital expenditure has been recouped with their due equitable profits, the toll should be removed.

Frustrated Toll Payer Petaling Jaya The STAR Online Opinion Letters to The Editor 24/12/2013

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