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Teaching kids good values

TO me parents are the best teachers and they should be instilling in their children the right values.

Children should be taught to respect their teachers, their elders and the rights and faiths of others.

They must exercise extreme patience when explaining the positive and negative results of a right and wrong action.

The effects of smoking, drinking and drug abuse must be thoroughly explained just as they must on the ill effects of lying, watching and playing excessively on the computer.

Children should be taught to realise that the friends they are with can either make or break them.

Being lazy and irresponsible and wallowing in self pity are traits that we should rid ourselves of. Children should be taught about God and divinity.

As a parent, always be alert to the times. Do not live in dream world, and do not assume things are same as when you were a child.

Parents must realise that today’s world is a fast-changing one.

Many children have a natural desire to conform and follow their peers in whatever they do.

Be informed about today’s youth, their concerns, likes and dislikes.

Talk to your child but parents must also talk to other parents, and teachers.

Keep your fingers on the pulse of the world. If you fail to understand the influences bombarding your child, you may be helpless to counter them.

Be on guard against their feelings of anger, selfishness, dishonesty and rebellion.

Inquire why your children feel they way they do. Guide and understand why such attitudes are harmful to themselves and others.

Encourage positive thoughts of love, giving, sharing, obedience and forgiveness.

Show your pleasure and apprecaiton when they act responsibly but be strict, when children disobey.

Parents need to be firm yet loving when helping children understand why their actions are wrong and why discipline is necessary.

Use wisdom when correcting a child and remember children are not adults. It is pointless to over-react.

Disciplining a child should never be done in anger. It is also important to reward good conduct.

Positive reinforcement for right actions is an effective teacher, as is discipline, for wrongdoings.

Praise your children when the situations requires you to do so. Commend them for their helpfulness, and consideration.

Praising children does work wonders. And above all, get to know your children, and understand them.

Bulbir Singh, Seremban The STAR Online Home News Education December 29, 2013

Tags: children, parents, values

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