kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Live With a Great Attitude

Live With a Great Attitude

Your attitude is extremely contagious. With each casual contact,
 with each phone conversation, each e-mail message, it spreads.
The people infected by your attitude then pass it along to others,
who pass it on to others still.
 And as your attitude quickly spreads each day throughout
 your world, it makes a difference everywhere it goes.
One smile given in the morning can multiply by afternoon into
 enough encouragement for thousands of lives.
There is really no telling how far it can go.

When you consistently act with sincere kindness, consideration,
 respect and positive enthusiasm, the benefits go far beyond just you alone.
 Your attitude in fact helps determine what kind of world you live in each day.
 It happens not through some hidden or mysterious force.
It is something you can see, understand and influence each time
you come into contact with others.
What kind of world would you most like to live in today?
Live with the attitude that will indeed make it so.  

 ~Ralph Marston~


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