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'Bullying' is disturbing and demotivates teachers

FAILURE is inevitable. Many fail in job interviews, others fail in driving tests and some fail in love.

Everyone is born to be a winner yet some do fail. However, failure is a temporary setback.

Students fail in their school examinations due to a plethora of reasons. Parents, teachers and students themselves are responsible for their success in a public examination.

So when schools perform badly in public examinations, why are head teachers and teachers of poor performing schools hauled up by the Education Department to attend special courses and workshops.

The head teachers and subject teachers of the poor performing schools of the UPSR 2013 (Sekolah Berprestasi Rendah) were given a severe run down by the Education Ministry and department officials.

The head teachers and teachers were blamed for the poor performance of the school’s students.

A team of officers from the ministry and department practically scold the head teachers and teachers for the poor performance of their schools.

This form of “bullying” is disturbing and demotivating.

When head teachers are pressured by the ministry and education department, they in turn pressure their teachers who in turn pressure students to excel in examinations.

Every head teacher and teacher want their students to excel in examinations. But there are factors beyond the teachers that drive students to fail despite their best efforts.

History has shown that failures in school have gone on to be successful in life.

Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan and Winston Churchill are some of the notable poor starters who ended up as legends.

We preach that we are heading to an education system that is becoming less examination oriented, yet in schools, examinations are still used as yardsticks to measure the success of a school.

Stop comparing schools using examinations as a criterion. And those who think they can do a better job in these poor performing schools should volunteer to teach in these schools.

Samuel Yesuiah Seremban The STAR Home News Opinion Letters to the Editor 14/02/2014

Tags: bullying, exam, failures

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