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Discovery of Self: Study of the subconscious mind

SPIRITUAL study is not a religious lesson, but it involves the study of the subconscious. It requires meditation. To begin, one has to empty one's mind.

This is the most difficult part for anyone, who does not have the patience, much less if one is asceptic. However, there are people who are successful.

Spiritual study is not only confined to the development of self- realisation but it also has several branches of studies.

Consider the study of Spiritual Astrology, which differentiates a spiritual astrologer and an astronomer.

An astronomer can compute the movement of a planet and a star in the constellation at a given time. However, a spiritual astrologer will be able to relate what may happen to the earth and people when the planet and the star appear at that given time.

Of course, these days, people are sceptical of astrology. However, there are governments which take the advice of astrologers seriously. There was a narrative in the Reader's Digest several years ago, about a man (believed to be an astrologer) who did not board a plane because he could foretell the future.

True enough, the plane crashed, and all aboard were killed. The astrologer was called for questioning. "Why didn't you say anything?" He replied: "Do you think anyone would have believed me?"

Spiritual study is not for everyone, much less for the young mind. There are many ways to teach the young. Learning music is one way.

Indeed, music transcends all barriers of language, colour and creed. Music communicates love, emotion and feelings shared between human beings.

Hence, nursery rhymes and lullabies were introduced first to schoolchildren. Malay schools in those days were no exception. Some on the songs were Buai Laju-laju Sampai Balik Sana (The Swing), Sepuluh Budak Hitam (10 Little Indian Boys), and Raja Dalam Rumah Buat kira-kira, Suri Dalam Dapur Makan Roti Gula (Sing A Song of Sixpence) and many more.

Abdullah Sani Ismail, Tanah Merah, Kelantan. NST Opinion Letters to the editor 17/02/2014

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