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School-Based Assessment: Start with primary students

AS a parent, I am happy that the government is planning to review the School-Based Assessment system (PBS). That must be a relief for teachers.

Having said that, it is also disturbing and alarming for Form 3 students. They have no direction and do not know what to expect. Will they be assessed or not? More importantly, how are they going to be assessed?

While the PBS is a good system, perhaps it should only be implemented in the lower primary school for a start. Let the system be rectified and improved only at that level. Let the exams continue and the system to be implemented phase by phase beginning in primary schools. We just need to tweak the system before it is introduced to the older students. We need not introduce every new system in a grand scale.

We just need to start small, especially in the education field. Affecting the different batches not only causes a failed system but a confused batch who is not assessed accordingly.

The ministry was given many suggestions when they claimed that the failure of PPSMI (Teaching of Maths and Science in English) was due to lack of teachers' competency in the English language although it was said that PPSMI was not about learning English.

I feel PSB is also heading in the same direction as PPSMI. Are we going to abandon PBS because it is a failure or are we going to rectify it? If PPSMI was allowed, and taught correctly in primary school, it might have shown an improvement on the teachers' language competency by now.

Sarala Poobalan, Kuala Lumpur NST Opinion Letters to the editor17/02/2014

Tags: assessment, pbs, pentaksiran, sba

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