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Engage students in critical thinking, so much more is expected of teachers and schools, is this fair

While teachers have their own tasks and commitment towards their charges, students too are expected to be responsible and fully engaged in classwork and co-curricular activities.

It requires the combined effort of both teachers and students for the school system to work.

Similarly when our students move on to pursue tertiary studies, we want our students to exhibit the same enthusiasm in their studies.

They should also think critically and have a conscience especially when it comes to dealing with global issues.

While reading, writing and basic arithmatic skills need to be mastered at the lower level, just as science, information technology, history and other concepts are at the higher level in our education system, students also need to deal with issues on critical thinking, creativity and social conscience.

Topics and issues that touch on critical thinking and analysis, and what best contributes and helps people develop a social conscience, are just as relevant.

Life in a healthy democracy requires participation, and students must begin to actively engage in activities and discussions in our schools and higher education institutions.

There is more to democracy than voting and maintaining economic productivity, and life means more than making money and beating others to material things.

Bulubir SIngh Seremban, Negeri Sembilan The STAR Online Home News Education 16/02/2014

Tags: critical, thinking

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