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Corruption: Weed out big fry too

I REFER to the editorial "Eliminating Corruption" (NST, Feb 19). Corruption cannot be eliminated but we can mitigate it.

The time has come for us to come down hard on the corrupt and introduce stricter measures, such as longer jail terms and higher penalties, to weed out those involved in the activity.

Send the right signal that we mean business when we say the corrupt has no place in society. Belling the cat has to be done now, which means the big fry must be brought to book.

The enforcers of the Government Transformation Programme must be serious in their task and act on the wrongs pointed out by the rakyat.

The six National Key Result Areas on reducing crime, fighting corruption, raising the living standards of low-income households, strengthening infrastructure in rural areas, improving urban public transport and education are important.

Why shouldn't politicians who live beyond their means be investigated? Do they have any special insurance coverage?

If they are found to be corrupt, it means they are stealing from the public, and this cannot be allowed. Politicians from both sides of the divide must be clean in their actions.

More must be done to promote awareness about corruption.

Highlight the issue on radio, television, the Internet and social media regularly.

Academic and religious schools should have a module on corruption. They should start educating the young on why corruption is bad.

We can also put up posters in mosques, churches and temples that corruption is wrong and has no place in society. We must instil positive values in children so that they are aware of the evils of corruption.

Bulbir Singh, Seremban, Negri Sembilan  NST Opinion Letters to the Editor 22/02/2014
Tags: corruption

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