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Do more in class, teachers told

YOUR article under the heading “Enter the Shadow Teacher” (StarEducate, Feb 16) is close to my heart as I am one myself.

It is no lie to say that students are not being taught enough at schools and are left to their own devices during certain school periods.

Many teachers take on a tidak apa (couldn’t-care-less) attitude and there are some who are not as well-versed with the subject/subjects they are assigned to teach.

In such situations, the students become the “victims” and doesn’t this speak unfavourably of a weak education system?

As a result of the poor teaching at schools, students are forced to seek academic help from tuition centres and tutors.

Each year, my tuition classes have been swelling as there is an increasing number of students and their parents who are disillusioned with the manner in which school teachers conduct themselves during lessons.

They either regurgitate facts from the text book without attempting to explain or expect students to to be “enlightened” by “outside forces” or tuition classes.

As a tutor, I am pleased that students have confidence and faith in my teaching, but unfortunately there are many students who are unable to afford tuition fees and are therefore deemed weak.

Our education system hasn’t been fair to the majority of students.

The Education Ministry must ensure that teachers buck up and take pride in their work at all times.

Cikgu Bayang Teluk Intan Perak The STAR Home News Education 23/02/2014

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