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Wise Decision: School assessment on hold but necessary

I REFER to the report "School-based assessment policy put on hold" (NST, Feb 24), saying that the Education Ministry wants to re-examine its implementation.

Although this is a setback after investing much time and money, it is, nevertheless, a wise decision. Teachers, one of the main stakeholders, are not prepared to ensure its successful implementation.

One of the reasons given by the teachers is the difficulty to access the school-based assessment management system to key in students' data. Too much time will be wasted trying to access the website.

Such shortcomings would not happen if due diligence was carried out beforehand.

The system should be implemented as it is a much improved method of learning compared with today's rote learning.

The school-based assessment system is not new. A number of countries have implemented it successfully. If it is done here with the right infrastructure, there is no reason why it will not work.

A trial run in a school would help uncover weaknesses of the system. Results from the exercise will provide useful information to rectify the shortcomings.

The issue here is not to be afraid to admit mistakes and to take steps to improve the system.

Dr Tan Eng Bee,Kajang, Selangor NST Home News Opinion Letters-to-the-editor 28/02/2014

Tags: assessment, pbs, pentaksiran, sba

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