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Technical Education and Vocational Training: It starts with iwant2b

YOUTH will find it easier to look for a technical or vocational job, thanks to iwant2b (

Conceptualised in October 2012 by Information Broadcasting Network Sdn Bhd, iwant2b is made possible with the collaboration of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resource and Ministry of Education (MOE). The portal was set up on March 20, 2013 to cater mainly for post-SPM students who sat the examination the year before.

Initially, iwant2b was designed to include only courses offered by accredited training providers approved by the Department of Skills Development. This was in line with Skills Malaysia, a project under the Ministry of Human Resources, and is one of 19 entry projects under the Economic Transformation Programme.

The prime function of the portal then was to create awareness on the job opportunities especially for SPM school-leavers who underwent technical education and vocational training. The aim was to guide post-SPM students, who were not financially capable or academically qualified, to pursue vocational/skills training at the tertiary level.

iwant2b encourages youth to pursue TEVT.
Now, the portal aims to encourage even more youth to pursue such training before entering the workforce.

This innovative portal helps users make decisions on career choices and connects them to relevant training providers in the country. In addition to being rich in information, the portal has an in-built psychometric test. The test is formulated based on the Holland Hexagon Code and matched directly to courses and occupations based on a student’s personality.

Students, who have difficulty in deciding their future careers, can take the test to find suitable choices based on their interests.

A search engine incorporated into the portal answers users’ queries on varied courses and lists training providers available in the country via a Geographic Information System Map. Soon, the portal will include courses certified by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and the Technical and Vocational Division of MOE.

NST Channels Learning-curve 02/03/2014
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