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Lat not retiring as yet

50-YEAR LABOUR OF LOVE: He started drawing cartoons in 1964 while he was still in Form One

BATU GAJAH: THIS year marks the 50th year for him as a cartoonist but for Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, it seems like only yesterday he started drawing.

Mohammad Nor, better known as Lat, said he started drawing cartoons in 1964 when he was in Form One.

"Many of my works were published in comic books and magazines at that time. My passion for drawing continued even after I became a reporter," he said after the launching of "Karnival Kaki Kartun" (Kakitun 2014) by state Tourism Committee chairman Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi at Kellie's Castle here on Saturday.

Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid or Lat (right) with the memento presented to him by
Perak Tourism Committee chairman Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi at Kellie’s Castle on Saturday. Pic by L. Manimaran

Lat, who contributes his works to the New Straits Times, said the newspaper began publishing them from March 1974.

He said he drew his inspiration for his cartoons from the daily lives of Malaysia's multiracial society, and current affairs.

"After being in the business for so long, I have to admit I get tired but as there are still requests from my fans, I continue to do it."

Lat revealed he wanted to retire in 1997 but could not do so because of the demand for his cartoons.

The first cartoon which Lat drew for the NST in March 1974. It was one of a series of cartoons on ‘A Perak Wedding’.

"Asked how he managed to stay as a cartoonist for such a long time, Lat advised the younger generation of cartoonists to be disciplined.

"My mentor -- the late Rejabhad -- who guided most of the cartoonists of my time emphasised on self-discipline in his works. He also held on to tradition as he was a kampung (village) boy."

At the launching of Kakitun 2014, Nolee Ashilin presented a memento to Lat as a special tribute for his 50-year involvement in drawing cartoons.

ROSHIDI ABU SAMAH | NST Nation General March 24/03/2014
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