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Sports associations lack good leaders

AGE is never a factor in any field. Let it be in politics, the corporate world, sports or any organisation.

The most important question one has to ask is, can that person contribute enough to the association he leads.

When, one has stayed too long, can his ideas still be useful.

The leader should know when to quit when his leadership is no more progressive. The problem in Malaysia is, everything is good and well on paper, but it is the implementation that is lacking.

When a new committee is elected, there are a lot of new ideas in their up plans. But when it comes to execution of these plans, it is not up to expectation.

In badminton we say countries like Japan, Indonesia, China and South Korea are producing good quality new players, but not Malaysia.

We have the best infrastructure and the funds but why no quality players except for Lee Chong Wei. There is seriously something wrong in our system and implementation.

We must be brave enough to drop players who do not live up to expectation. Malaysia is one of the few countries where coaches and players can officially retire and then get recalled by the association to service.

It clearly shows that there are not enough back-up coaches or players. Millions of ringgit is spent on organising tournaments but no proper system to cultivate young players or coaches.

Now it is good to see the hockey federation giving a chance to young coaches to take charge of the senior team. There should be leaders who are interested and have knowledge of the game.

One good example is the late Datuk Harun Idris (pic) in football. He was interested and took care of the welfare of the players.

The players used to play not only for the nation but also for the manager.

These are the type of leaders we need. We need to send our quality coaches for attachment to good sporting countries and they can implement the tactics and coaching without fear or favour.

Look at our athletics today. We were once the kingpins in South-East Asia and now we are struggling even to get a medal in track events.

Malaysia, please wake up and seriously think of our sports associations and rectify the mistakes. Let us be there where we belong.

Majulah sukan untuk negara

Maniam Valiatham Ipoh The STAR Home News Opinion Letters to the Editor April 2, 2014

Tags: leaders, sports

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