kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

A man who loved his country more

I WOKE up to very sad news. The tiger is no longer around.

Karpal Singh was a true Malaysian who loved his country more than himself.

He did not need a title in front of his name to be respected.

All he had was an LLB title behind his name. That was good enough for him and us.

We respected the man for himself and not for the titles.

Confined to the wheelchair after a bad accident, his love for his country did not stop him from serving her. Yet again, in a twist of fate, it was another bad accident that took his life.

One of the last true warriors of the Malaysian political arena, he was indeed a man who saw no boundaries in terms of race, colour or creed.

He was true to his calling. He defended the law, the constitution and the less fortunate against the evil, corrupted and greedy people who are unworthy of being called leaders or politicians.

Thank you, Penang government, for bestowing an honest man the highest honour and respect. God does work in mysterious ways.

Here is a man who is found guilty of sedition, yet honoured with a dignified and most respectedfuneral a man of service can ever receive.

Rest, dear sir. Your roar will not end. Your cubs have grown and will continue your legacy.

You may not appear in our history books but your legacy will be passed on to each and every Malaysian.

You made us proud to be Malaysians and now it is our turn to make you proud.

Sarala Poobalan Kuala Lumpur The STAR Home News Letters 2014/04/19


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