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Celebrate Mother’s Day every day

MOTHER’S Day falls on the second Sunday in May.

For someone who is there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no pay, what can we give our mothers in return?

All mothers throughout the world are awesome and without them many of us would not be where we are today.

Remember the times when we fell, got dirty and hurt ourselves, felt sick and hungry. They were always there for us.

And now that we are all grown up and have families of our own, it does not mean we forget about our mothers.

We should continue to show our love and appreciation to them and hopefully our children will learn to do the same for their mother.

In Asian culture, filial piety is inherent in many of us.

Tomorrow, many restaurants would be doing a roaring business either during lunch or dinner as families would be giving their mothers a treat.

However, to show one’s love for his or her mother does not necessarily mean giving her the best only on this day alone.

In fact, I feel that every day should be Mother’s Day and not just one day in the month of May.

My mother is now in her 80s. She has scoliosis and osteoporosis.

Initially, it was very painful for her as the bones began to deform.

There is no cure for her ailments but medication can alleviate the pain and give her some degree of comfort. Every three or four months she has an appointment with her doctor at the hospital.

Surprisingly, she looks forward to such visits and she remembers the doctor who first treated her for her ailments.

Previously, I used to take my mother on a motorcycle to the hospital for her appointments.

I used the motorcycle because it was and still is very difficult to find a parking space at the hospital.

Even though her back was already deformed when she was riding pillion on the motorcycle, she could sit and balance herself properly. And of course I did not speed with her riding pillion.

On a few occasions I have had the traffic police outriders or patrol cars coming to my side to inquire if my mother was seated properly as a pillion rider. These policemen were concerned by the way her back was arched. I appreciated their concern and told the policemen that everything was fine.

My mother seldom talks about the early years when she was looking after me. I could remember bits and pieces of the time I was growing up.

I am sure, like all mothers, she went through a lot for me in trying circumstances. Even till today, she is still concerned for my family and me, and will never fail to tell us to drive carefully whenever we go about in our car.

Our mothers are like gems and we must treasure them and appreciate the things they have done and gone through for us when we were growing up.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

Michael Ng Seremban The STAR Home News Opinion/Letters/2014/05/10


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