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Selfless act, Stay and Fight, The Other Side of The Coin

The Other Side of the Coin

I HAVE not been able to forget Sharyn Shufiyan’s last column (Why I have not emigrated, Tapestry, Star2, April 27). It was how I used to feel too: guilty about the benefits I received just by being a Malay Muslim – so much so that I turned down three government scholarships, managing to win a private company scholarship back when it was rare.

I had parents who believed in exposing us to different cultures; and when I became a parent in my 20s, in the 1990s, I would show China on a world map to my young kids and explain that the Chinese live there but that the uncle next door is Malaysian. I used to not fill up the “race” columns in forms and was proud when my teenage son followed suit at school. But things have changed since then, and to me, the biggest change happened in 2008 and onwards. Suddenly, race became a dominant topic. Suddenly, I found that I was judged based on my race. However much I wanted to not talk about it or defend the Malays, I was expected to.

When I was in my 40s and had worked in several companies through job hopping, I heard that “They only hire Chinese at that level”, that it was “preferably Chinese” or, at yet another company, that “Malays can’t be accountants”. Complain? No. I have to live with it, I believe in the concept of rezeki (earning a livelihood). Who would believe me anyway? The only people who can be called “racist” in Malaysia are the Malays. Everyone else is a victim.

I wish Sharyn Shufiyan well, and I hope that she will one day live in a Malaysia where she won’t be told that the only reason she got a job/promotion was because she is a Malay, no matter what her qualifications or experience. Hopefully, she will live in a Malaysia where meritocracy is not only for the non-Malays. Hopefully, she won’t be humiliated in meetings by being made to feel that she is inferior, there only to make up the numbers.

I must say that the late Mr Karpal Singh has a much better attitude than I do. Me? I’m giving up. I tried. After being told repeatedly in the last few years how corrupt, lazy and weak I am because of my race, how I am the product of an inferior if not defective education system, what’s the point? After doing my best (nay, I’d like to think BEING the best in my field) but finding doors closed to me because of my race, what is the point? After finding that I won’t get much work from “certain” private sector companies yet told that it’ll be easy for me to find work because I am a Malay – I’m giving up.

Gave-Up Guy Shah Alam The Star Opinion Letters 2014/05/11

Stay and Fight

I READ with interest Sharyn Shufiyan’s article, Why I have not emigrated (Tapestry, Star2, April 27).

I hail from the era when English was the medium of instruction. After the May 13 incident in 1969, my parents sent me to Britain for further studies. Their instructions were for me to stay there, if I wanted to. But I chose to return home. During my schooldays, my best friend was a Malay girl. Our parents knew each other well, and our families would visit each other during festivals and exchange fruits from our trees. We have kept in touch through the years.

My best friend married a Chinese man and their children are brought up integrated in their parents’ cultures.

I believe our society is becoming regressive, rather than progressive. It saddens me that racial overtones are so present today, instead of integration.

It is so easy to just go away - most of my cousins are overseas.

But I am in my 60s now, and I wholeheartedly agree with the late Karpal Singh who said we have to stay and fight.

ET Georgetown The STAR Opinion/Letters/2014/05/11

Selfless Act

I READ Sharyn’s article two Sundays ago and would like to commend her for not quitting.

Sharyn, you could have moved to another country and enjoyed your life there

but you stayed back to fight for a change. That’s a very selfless act. I hope more Malaysians will follow in your footsteps in our fight to become "colour blind". I am very proud that you are Malaysian.

Robert Lee Tanjung Bungah Penang The STAR Opinion/Letters/2014/05/11


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