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Humility is a must in leadership

A GREAT nation falls when there is deprivation of good leaders in the pipeline. A great society derails from its values when there is no admiration towards past leaders who have led the society in an amicable way.

Broadly speaking, our forefathers from different roots are a great example of truly great leaders in nurturing unity, walking the thought of a clear and conscious mind and building a platform for the nation to progress, like a whale moving forward continuously and yet experiencing the diversity of issues and calamities.

We have to remember that the younger generation is watching consciously with a wave like mind that continues to build bigger waves to sail through the daily lives.

The younger generation is eagerly watching their parents, teachers, academicians, religious teachers, successful entrepreneurs and managers in adopting a way of life, to strengthen their livelihood.

Adding to the list, are political leaders who are making and will make a bigger change in everyone’s lives.

Current research in leadership studies and world history has shown that great leaders have acquired humility in abundance.

One of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffet, has shown great leadership in many ways, including helping the Government by lobbying for rich businessmen to pay higher taxes, assisting the poor in education and scholarships and funding medical research for cancer and other diseases.

I am sure the young entrepreneurs will look to Buffet as a great living example.

As we are much interested in modifying the school curriculum, seeking regulations amendment of students’ rights, changing examination formats and restructuring education policies, there has to be greater focus, care and deliberation on the moral and eternal development of our younger generation who will be replacing the current leaders in the future.

We do hear from time to time the eroding moral values of our teens, increase in juvenile delinquency and violence among them in schools, and destruction of public amenities.

We do not want the younger generation to learn the old tricks of unscrupulous leaders who manipulate society through racist remarks, slander, and being unjust to society.

All of us are leaders in one way or another. We need to demonstrate true eternal leadership qualities in our field of work, whether it is education, healthcare, law, agriculture, industry or even political parties.

We need to show our utmost sincerity, respect, wisdom, undivided loyalty and above all, humility.

This will definitely lead towards the great path to achieve moderation, excellence, higher productivity, creating learners not robots, and most critically future leaders of tomorrow.

The future of our society and nation, as alway, lies in the hands of the younger generation and, therefore, parents, educators, and leaders in the country need to think carefully about how youths are being nurtured at home, schools, workplaces and higher learning institutions.

When parents, leaders, educators and the man on the street begin to show respect, wisdom, humility and undivided loyalty to our nation, the younger ones will be able to follow the good virtues, building pathways for a moderate society.

This is the key to ensuring our youths are able to lead and make Malaysia a better place for all.

Dr Shankar Chelliah University Sains Malaysia Penang The STAR Home > Opinion > Letters Friday March 7, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM

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