kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Different between YOU dan YOUR BOSS... Rewind


When I take a long time to finish,

I am slow,

When my boss takes a long time,

he is thorough

"but nowadays, if your boss takes a long time just hit him/her because definitely the boss is a 'nerd'"

When I don't do it,

I am lazy,

When my boss does not do it,

he is busy,

"but nowadays, jot down date and time and send the report to higher authorities"

When I do something without being told,

I am trying to
be smart,
When my boss does the same,

he takes the initiative,

"again , dont give face, anything you do ensure that it's in black and white , and if the boss try to say it's his/hers, the lies will be reveal"

When I please my boss,

I am apple polishing,

When my boss pleases his boss,

He is cooperating

"just tell 'my boss' that he/she is registered to 'hell'"

When I make a mistake,

I' am an idiot.

When my boss makes a mistake,

He's only human.

"again jot down and wait for the write time to expose his/her doings and let see who's going to pee later"

When I am out of the office,

I am wondering around.

When my boss is out of the office,

He's on business.

"snap photos of the boss on where he/she goes .. then spread the news thru the internet"

When I am on a day off sick,

I am always sick.

When my boss is a day off sick,

He must be very ill.

"don't worry, when he/she is really sick pray that he/she will suffer"

When I apply for leave,

I must be going for an
When my boss applies for leave,

it's because he's overworked

"ensure a bobby trap is ready for him/her when he/she comes back to work"

When I
do good,
my boss never remembers,

When I do wrong,

He never forgets

"call him/her and ensure he/she gets a punch or kick from you so that he/she will remember that he/she is not the only boss around"

what to do?????????????

"Dont be so stupid and naive to let 'the boss' do anything on you, he/she is also getting the payroll (especially in the government services); don't give face to the boss , outwit the boss and play a smart game .. all the best" .

shared via "Suguna Sankaran"




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