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10 reasons to work in Malaysia

1 Economic and political stability

Malaysia is a relatively peaceful and stable country. Stability is probably one of the top reasons that determines an expatriate’s move to another country.

2 Infrastructure

Malaysia has good infrastructure such as a world-class airport, an extensive road network and sound financial institutions.

3 Property ownership

The Malaysia My Second Home programme offers expatriates the opportunity of staying in the country long-term. The programme offers a 10-year renewable visa, plus other incentives such as dependency passes for immediate family and a tax-free vehicle.

4 Healthcare

Healthcare services are efficient and private hospitals offer treatments that are on par with world standards, at a substantially lower cost than many other countries.

5 Natural beauty

There is a wealth of flora and fauna. We have the sea, islands, highlands, jungles and beaches which draw visitors from far and wide.

6 Food

Malaysia is a food paradise. Expatriates are spoilt for choice for the variety of local and foreign cuisine. From Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, South Korean, Arabian, Persian, Vietnamese to Western food, we have it all. They will never go hungry because there is food 24/7.

7 The people and language

The Malaysians are generally friendly and accommodating. Expatriates settle down quite easily because English is widely spoken, especially in urban and city centres.

8 The weather

Malaysia is fortunate not to experience extreme weather such as hurricanes nor devastating natural disasters such as earthquakes.

9 Cost of living

To expatriates, cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low. Property prices are also lower than in Europe and the United States.

10 Shopping and other entertainment

It is incredible that in the world’s top 10 biggest malls in 2013, our shopping malls took three spots in the list. We have designer label boutiques that expatriates are familiar with, so they can feel at home.

Source: Adapted from Expat Go Malaysia mySTAR Article 28 June 2014
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