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Our students are mentally sheltered

I LISTENED with much trepidation when the former director-general of education mentioned that under the new PBS system, students should be tested on what they know.

He gave the analogy of a student from a rural area who may not know what an LRT is, thus it is not fair to question him/her on this topic.

I do not deny that prior knowledge of a subject matter is essential for better understanding of a topic.

But, if teachers are to only concentrate on things the students have knowledge of, then the aim of educating is lost.

They will be swimming in the same well when there is an ocean out there to discover.

This is partly due to our teaching methodology where students are mentally sheltered, thus unable to think out of the box. This is exactly why students these days have very limited knowledge of the world around them.

We can’t blame the students as it is the present system that has created them.

Under the PBS, teachers are required to develop their own modules and assessment papers.

The thought that nags my conscience is, how proficient and creative are our teachers in developing teaching resources?

With the frustration most teachers are facing these days, I wonder how many of our educators are really going to sit down to develop interesting teaching materials.

Our education policy makers need not go too far to learn from the best.

Just drive across the causeway to observe how Singapore is doing it.

Our future generation are not laboratory mice to be experimented with, but rather they need to be nurtured into world-beating individuals. JP Jolly Taiping The STAR Home Opinion Letters 2 July 2014

Tags: assessment, pbs

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