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Malay Manuscripts: Rich heritage worth cherishing

OF late, there is increased interest and awareness about Malay manuscripts in the media, and this has been circulating among the younger generation.

I recently visited Pameran Antarabangsa Manuskrip Melayu 2014 at the National Library. I was glad my friend talked me into going to this exhibition.

The exhibition was beautifully showcased in a gigantic ship, which is connected to our historical heritage in shipbuilding and navigation. The replica ship was called Pinis Gobel, a Malay ship that I believe was described in ancient legends.

As we entered the ship, I was amazed to see manuscripts that I have never heard of! Each manuscript was divided into sections such as navigation, weaponry, medicine, crime, kitchen and more. It teaches us how our ancestors used to live and what they used to believe in.

To my amazement, I realise how I can spend a whole day learning so much about our heritage.

I can’t believe I have missed out so much of our history, growing up abroad my whole life.

I am happy with this exhibition and hope there will be more like this. I feel that today’s young generation is more interested in western culture.

We are taught to explore the world but we also need to understand our own heritage and be proud of it. If not, who else will be proud of our national treasure? Megat Iskandar Zulkarnain, Kuala Lumpur NST Letters 31 July 2014

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